Accessibility in web development

What is accessibility in web development? and why it is important? In simple terms, web accessibility is when everyone and anyone can use your website with no issues. People with disabilities and even elder people can easily navigate through your website, which is highly important because if you think about it what good is your … Continue reading Accessibility in web development

MongoDB: importing dump with mongorestore

Importing a dumped MongoDB database Cmd to the path where you placed your dump folderMake sure that mongo server is running an execute the following command: mongorestore Now, wait a moment while the database is restored: A couple of things to keep mind: As we said at the beginning remember to position yourself in the … Continue reading MongoDB: importing dump with mongorestore

MongoDB: export a collection to mutiple files

MongoDb offers a handy tool – mongoexport– that allows us to export a MongoDB collection to a json file: mongoexport --collection=posts --db=blog --out=c:\progs\myPosts.json Running the above command will result in the collection posts – from the database blog– to be exported to the myPosts.json json file. So far so good, but there is a little … Continue reading MongoDB: export a collection to mutiple files

8 React Application Deployment and Hosting Solutions for 2019

Useful solutions for deploying and hosting your React applications in the cloud. After working in your development environment and playing around with localhost, you most likely would need to build out your react application to become production ready and deploy it for everyone to experience the react goodness in their local machines too. In this … Continue reading 8 React Application Deployment and Hosting Solutions for 2019